Don’t Miss the 2017 Alumni Summit

The Corvias Alumni Summit is approaching, July 9, 2017, and I hope to see you there.  This year, the Foundation is taking us to the Connecticut River Valley, the emerald gem of New England.  We will be lodging at The Guest House, known for its hospitality and seventeen acre property.  Attendees of last year’s summit will notice reflections from our trip to Gold Lake, Colorado.  The Guest House boasts miles of walking trails, an impressive deck overlooking a pond, and a labyrinth.

You’ll have to give a nod of appreciation to those who are helping organize this event.  Building on last year’s successful presentation by Corvias’ President and COO, Michael de la Rosa, this year’s main events will include panels on work-life balance, forming connections through storytelling, and money management.  In keeping with the Corvias Alumni’s pledge to enrich communities, I expect some form of service oriented project.  In years past, we have visited volunteer facilities on-site, like when we spent a day at the Greater Chicago Food Depository; but last year was a chance of course.  In the ‘$10 for $10 Challenge,’ the alumni group was charged with spending $10 in their own communities while the Corvias Foundation pledged to match each $10 with their own $10 donation to the charity, Home Base.  We achieved 100% participation in on September 30, 2016, and the foundation donated an additional $1,000.

I encourage all of you to come, new graduates and old.  One of the Corvias Alumni mission statements, after enriching communities, is to help others reach higher.  This annual summit is the Corvias Foundation’s own gesture, to help its alumni reach higher in their own lives, no matter where their lives took them after college.  It is not always easy to accept such generosity, but as we learned from the law of receptivity from The Go Giver, “The key to effective giving is to stay open to receiving.”

Let’s Connect!

Behind the scenes at the Corvias Connects Blog, we are getting excited for the upcoming Alumni Summit!  (Less than 2 months!!!!)  We love having the opportunity to connect in person with old friends and to welcome new faces into the alumni family.  The time to be inspired by and learn from one another is invaluable.  Helping to maintain these connections and providing a platform to share our collective knowledge and experience throughout the year are central goals of the Corvias Connects Blog team.

In this spirit we want to feature YOU, the creative and internet savvy scholars and alumni who create their own blogs or websites!  Connect with us via the comments, facebook, or email to let us know about your internet pursuits.  With your permission, we will add a link to your site on our side bar.  You get to share your awesomeness with everyone (with no extra effort!), our readers have more quality content to enjoy, and Corvias Connects gets the satisfaction of bringing everyone together.  Win, win, win situation!

Check out the link (also on the homepage) to Corvias Connects blogger Samantha Seifert’s Samantha and the City about life in Chicago.  Will you be the next to join her and help us form new connections?