The Importance of Self-Care


I found this picture during one of my Pinterest sprees this week- and I found it so important & have printed it out to put above my desk at home. I think that going into this finals/holiday season, it is important to remember how we can care for ourselves. Finals can cause you to feel overwhelmed, insecure, or unsure of yourself and your future- but with proper self-care and planning out your studying schedule ahead of time, you can make this season much more bearable and rewarding.

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On Mental Health and the Military Child

Content note: Anxiety, depression, suicide, resources.

I think we can all agree that being military children has given us a distinct set of skills – we’re resilient and adaptable, we find communities wherever we go, and we often are excellent at remaining calm under acute pressures. We have these skills because from a young age, we’ve been forced to practice them. I’ve known these things about myself for years, and I suspect you all have as well, but a few weeks ago, I realized that there was one more muscle I’ve become particularly adept at flexing because I’m a military child – worrying. Worrying where your parents were, if they were safe, when they would come home, if they would come home, what would happen if they didn’t – those aren’t things that most American children had to worry about on a regular basis. 

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