Grateful for Corvias after the Election

In the days leading up to the election, a friend texted me to ask about the military’s stance on the election. He was worried about how the armed forces might react when faced with two incredibly unpopular candidates, and he even contemplated the prospect that the military might not be able to peacefully transition power after the election. He asked how a soldier like my dad might react after the election results became public, and I knew without having to ask.

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Military Kids Score Well on Nation’s Report Card; Still Face Changes

Many Corvias scholars (myself included) attended DoDEA (Department of Defense Education Activity) schools at some point in their lives, and those schools were, for many of us, an integral part of an educational journey that culminated in receiving a scholarship from the Corvias Foundation. In this year’s incarnation of the National Assessment of Educational Progress, commonly known as the Nation’s Report Card, the fourth and eighth grade students in DoDEA students who took the test performed exceptionally compared to their peers nationwide. DoDEA students tied for first place in reading scores with Massachusetts and New Hampshire, and fourth grade math scores were second in the country.

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New Investigations of Military Children’s Mental Health

One issue that we couldn’t seem to stop discussing at the Corvias Alumni Summit and Awards Ceremony this summer was the mental health of military families. As military children, we know that the unique mix of burdens and opportunities that come with being a military brat can create all sorts of stressors and challenges that are not found in the civilian population, and it’s not surprising that several new investigations have focused on identifying some of the specific problems that military children face and figuring out how to rectify them.

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