Welcome, 2017 Scholars & Alumni!

To all of the new scholars & new alumni – welcome (some just to a new chapter) to our Corvias family!

As we gear up for the 2017 Alumni Summit in Chester, CT, it is a great time to highlight the immense benefits of being in this family. First things first – we do call ourselves a family, because we are. When we are together, we have fun, challenge each other, tell jokes & stories, and may even bicker a little – just like a real family. We congratulate successes and support each other in our times of need. We utilize each other as resources to connect to others at professional, personal, and philanthropic levels. We use our social media accounts to check in, ask questions that we think other scholars & alumni can help us with, and share our service learning opportunities. Even when we have been apart for a whole year, we can come together and pick up right where we left off – because people care about truly connecting while we are all together. All in all – we really are a family.

If you just finished high school and are entering our family for the first time – welcome. We love & care about everyone in this group and can’t wait to see your successes and connect with you. This group has so many individuals with such diverse and intricate strengths and abilities that you can draw on to help you thrive in your first year of college (in addition to all of the others!). If you’re feeling homesick, less competent than you were expecting to feel after having so much success in high school (hello calculus that almost made me question my whole life first semester!), excited to have finally found your niche, or proud of all of your accomplishments – feel free to share. Not only have we literally ALL been there, but we have ALL been there for each other over the past decade to support each other through it. Plus, we love to commend you on your hard work & just who you are in general. If you don’t feel comfortable reaching out to a group of strangers, at least keep in contact with Melissa, Erin & Maria. They care about you even more than we do (I know you didn’t think that was possible!), and want nothing more than to see all of you succeed.

If you just graduated college & are entering our family as an alumni – congratulations! Hopefully you have already seen how amazing this group can be and how much you can benefit from engaging with the members of our group. Since graduating 2 years ago, I feel like I have grown so much personally from being a part of our alumni group. The excitement and happiness that we feel before getting together for our alumni summits is unmatchable. Now we get to help each other as we get our first jobs, continue to grad school, get married, grow our families, and continue to engage in service opportunities. It is also a fun time to connect with people who might be going to the college you attended so you can give a few pointers that you wish you might have known. Either way, no matter how long it took (but how short it felt!) to get here – congratulations.

Welcome, welcome, welcome! We hope you have the most amazing time in Boston & that you can connect/reconnect with your incoming/graduating class. Those relationships can become some of the most important in your life. Feel free to reach out to literally anyone during your upcoming journey.

And since we are a family, it is only right to end by saying – welcome home. ❤


Welcome, Class of 2016!

Dear Corvias Foundation Class of 2016,

Let me start off by saying: welcome to the family, and congratulations! We are so glad to welcome you to this group that is comprised of both current scholars and alumni. This award is given so much thought before being presented, and you are all amazing, intelligent, world-changing people. In our group, you will find people who are going through, have been through, or can at least relate to some of the emotions and decision-making processes that you are currently experiencing and completing. We know how it feels to have moved around the country with your family, and then we know how different it is when you’re doing it by yourself. We know what it feels like to no longer live on, or potentially even near, a military base, and how weird that is when that is all you’ve known. It is important to understand that not only did you receive a source of financial support by receiving this scholarship, but also one of emotional, mental, and, as often as possible, physical support that goes well beyond the next four years.

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A Note To Our Almost Alumni!

Corvias 2011

Corvias Class of 2011 – Boston, Summer of 2011

As the end of my first spring semester of graduate school comes to a close, I realized that a big milestone is coming up for a lot of other people: graduation! That also lead me to understanding that I have been out of my undergrad for an entire year already. I thought that college flew by, but it seems like this first year post-undergrad went by even faster.

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