Barriers… we all have them. I choose to refer to them as “stories” OR the worst word of all FEAR. Barriers are meant to challenge us, to wage war between our minds and our hearts. I find them to be important, and necessary to earn and create the life you search for. These stories and fears can be a simple bump to overcome if you allow it. Step 1, acknowledge them… be aware they’re there and be in choice to move forward. Barriers show up as fear, I commit to dropping that fear and showing up fully as a YES. Aliveness and purpose comes directly from showing up as a yes for yourself in your life. Recognizing these default barriers… stories… fears…. opens the doors for the possibility of transformation. I commit to continuing the way that I embrace these “barriers.” I commit to continue to allow them to fuel my fire. To fuel my pursuit of living the life I have designed, to continue to fuel my goals, fuel my self love and love for others. Barriers aren’t meant to stop us. When you’re powerful you have the ability to move forward. Self awareness = self love. Share your stories to impact others.

Kris Brooks

The Miracle of Life, Literally & Figuratively

I’ve been in nursing school for a little over a year now, and it has been a great experience. However, for those who are not familiar with how the nursing world works, you begin your education and clinical rotations with the adult and older adult populations so that you can learn your basic nursing skills. Throughout the last three semesters, I have spent time on the psychiatric ward, on a medical/surgical unit, and on a unit where older adults recover after surgery or come for acute issues that can quickly be fixed.

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Be Confidently Vulnerable: A Letter from Michael De La Rosa


This week, we continue to follow up on the Summer 2016 Corvias Alumni Summit at the beautiful Gold Lake Retreat Center in Colorado.  Below is a letter to our group from Michael De La Rosa, the President and Chief Operating Officer of Corvias Group.  Michael and his wife Angela joined us for Saturday afternoon of the Summit.  Using a collection of wonderful quotes and personal photographs, Michael shared wisdom gained from his years as a professional photographer, outdoor adventurist, and Corvias leader. His letter summarizes the empowering message he hoped to convey during our brief time together.

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