Making The Most of Your Breaks


Hanging out at Lake Tahoe, California

For the lucky ones still in college, you all have your mid semester breaks approaching fast. Fall break, spring break, midyear breaks, whatever you want to call them, they’re pretty much the university’s way of saying, “Hey, go take a break for a bit before we slam you with the end of the semester!”. How nice right? If you’re like me right now and are in the adult world, I would seriously give an arm and a leg for my boss to say, “You look tired, go have a week break!” A girl can dream right?

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Welcome, Class of 2016!

Dear Corvias Foundation Class of 2016,

Let me start off by saying: welcome to the family, and congratulations! We are so glad to welcome you to this group that is comprised of both current scholars and alumni. This award is given so much thought before being presented, and you are all amazing, intelligent, world-changing people. In our group, you will find people who are going through, have been through, or can at least relate to some of the emotions and decision-making processes that you are currently experiencing and completing. We know how it feels to have moved around the country with your family, and then we know how different it is when you’re doing it by yourself. We know what it feels like to no longer live on, or potentially even near, a military base, and how weird that is when that is all you’ve known. It is important to understand that not only did you receive a source of financial support by receiving this scholarship, but also one of emotional, mental, and, as often as possible, physical support that goes well beyond the next four years.

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College 101

It’s funny looking back how much I stressed out about getting a B in high school, I was so used to success and being as all my teachers said the “crème of the crop”. So when I went off to college, I thought that I was just going to waltz into all of my classes get an A and then be on my merry way to med school. And then I failed my 1st chemistry midterm and my mind was blown.

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