Military Brats: Destined for Stardom?

After watching the trailer for “The Last Jedi” earlier this week, some friends and I started discussing the illustrious career of the actor best known for playing Luke Skywalker, Mark Hamill. It wasn’t until we took to Wikipedia to check out his other major roles that I realized that I actually had something in common with Hamill–he, like me and many other Corvias Scholars, is a military brat!

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Photo Highlights of the 2016 Alumni Summit


Photos by Shamera Robinson, Descriptions by Katie Newton

Thursday, August 11, 2016:

Our group arrived gathered at the Denver Airport and traveled by bus to the Gold Lake Event Center in Ward, Colorado.  This center is on a private lake and has so many hidden gems to explore and quiet places to relax.  We spent the evening catching up with old friends and putting names to some new faces.

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Be Confidently Vulnerable: A Letter from Michael De La Rosa


This week, we continue to follow up on the Summer 2016 Corvias Alumni Summit at the beautiful Gold Lake Retreat Center in Colorado.  Below is a letter to our group from Michael De La Rosa, the President and Chief Operating Officer of Corvias Group.  Michael and his wife Angela joined us for Saturday afternoon of the Summit.  Using a collection of wonderful quotes and personal photographs, Michael shared wisdom gained from his years as a professional photographer, outdoor adventurist, and Corvias leader. His letter summarizes the empowering message he hoped to convey during our brief time together.

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