Let’s Connect!

Behind the scenes at the Corvias Connects Blog, we are getting excited for the upcoming Alumni Summit!  (Less than 2 months!!!!)  We love having the opportunity to connect in person with old friends and to welcome new faces into the alumni family.  The time to be inspired by and learn from one another is invaluable.  Helping to maintain these connections and providing a platform to share our collective knowledge and experience throughout the year are central goals of the Corvias Connects Blog team.

In this spirit we want to feature YOU, the creative and internet savvy scholars and alumni who create their own blogs or websites!  Connect with us via the comments, facebook, or email to let us know about your internet pursuits.  With your permission, we will add a link to your site on our side bar.  You get to share your awesomeness with everyone (with no extra effort!), our readers have more quality content to enjoy, and Corvias Connects gets the satisfaction of bringing everyone together.  Win, win, win situation!

Check out the link (also on the homepage) to Corvias Connects blogger Samantha Seifert’s Samantha and the City about life in Chicago.  Will you be the next to join her and help us form new connections?

Don’t Feel Guilty About Networking

By Benedikt Reynolds

Networking is rough, and I can’t help but feel guilty when it works out. If I’m able to score a job from a professional connection’s recommendation, I end up asking myself: Did I land the job because of my own hard work? Is the company settling? Did I earn it? In 2015, as I transitioned from high school to college, I recognized that many of my peers felt the same way. That we were all discouraged from networking even though we recognized its benefits: opportunities where we could grow as an individual and contribute to the growth of an organization, a cause, or an industry. So, how can we transition our mindsets to embrace networking?

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My City: Cary, NC


by Cristi Rader

Light the pumpkin spice candles and bring out the decorations, my favorite time of the year is here! In our house we tend to start discussing Halloween costumes in July. My daughter and I are planners. J August and September kick off football season and Skyler and I start decorating for Halloween. Then October comes around and we hit the ground running with “fall festivities” to include pumpkin patches, corn mazes, hay rides, Halloween parties, and fairs.

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