About bmrunnels

Part of the first class receiving the Foundation Scholarship and couldn't be prouder of such an organization. Louisiana State University 2011 alumna with a Bachelors in Biological Sciences and Mississippi College 2012 alumna with a Masters in Biology-Medical Sciences. I'm currently a Physician Assistant Student at Our Lady of the Lake College aspiring to change the world by making the small things in life count! GEAUX TIGERS!

My City and the Heart of Tiger Nation


Family Party in the Backyard

With moving around all my life, I have always believed that home is where your family lives. It isn’t a static place and it can have an entirely different background from year to year. But if I had to pick one city that I feel home in, it could possibly be Baton Rouge. It is crazily the city where I have lived the longest, only six years total. I even went away and came back for Physician Assistant school! And for now, it is my home.

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Go Abroad!

HemispheresStudying abroad in college can seem a daunting trek outside of the comforts of familiarity but the benefits outweigh that shaky start. A study abroad program is more than just a vacation. It is one thing to visit known tourist sites with all the accommodations you could possibly need, but this is an opportunity to live the life of a native. You have to explore new paths and find the local hangouts lest you get bored during your very first week. You must step outside of your comfort zone and transition from foreigner to one of the locals.

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