5 advantages of being a military dependent in college


My friends and I before the military appreciation football game.  I’m all the way on the right.

Going to college is one of the most exciting and terrifying moments of a person’s life. There are days when you feel like you could easily take on the world, and then there are days when you drink 5 cups of coffee to compensate for the late-night studying. Being an “Army brat,” I felt like I could handle the challenges of college. Here are five advantages that military dependents have when they go to college:

  1. We are used to being in new places. Most of us moved a few times, some of us even left the country. Your college town is just another new place to add to your list when people ask, “Where are you from?”
  2. Being in new places means meeting new people, which is something we’re great at. How many times were you “the new kid” in school? Well, in college there are hundreds or thousands of new kids who are going through the same thing as you. You know how it feels, and you know how to easily make new friends.
  3. We willingly ate MRE’s, so the dining hall food is nothing. I guarantee you will find a few favorite dining hall meals. Of course, you’ll still miss home-cooked meals, but dining hall breakfast can be pretty tasty.
  4. Moving around means we’ve lived out of suitcases and in hotels for days or weeks at a time, so sharing a few drawers in a dorm room isn’t much of a challenge.
  5. We understand the importance of keeping in touch. We know that “goodbyes” don’t have to be permanent. Whether you want to stay connected with a classmate from your English class, your high school best friend or your family, you know how important it is and you’ll make it happen.

What other benefits or advantages have you experienced by being a military dependent?